29 August 2009

MOLESKINE: my first love II

Here is my notebook collection. I am proud of them. I do not know why. The reporter I use as an everyday type thing. The Woodstock ones are unused. The composition is for recipes. I am starting a new compostion notebook for skincare and make-up tips I get from magazines.

Clockwise rom top right: moleskine large ruled reporter,
moleskine limited edition woodstock large ruled notebook,
moleskine limited edition woodstock large sketch book,
old school composition book, large sketch book.

A page out of moleskine large ruled reporter
of an idea I had for a cosmetic case.

A page out of the large sketch book I did of Lotus blossoms.
Actually it's not that large. I mostly use it for inspiration
"boards" (I use boards loosely here)

I am really getting into the whole notebook keepingthing. See below post. Maybe you will want to start to keep one too!

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