22 July 2008

Wassup With Your Home Girl

I have had some visitor's lately and it has given me much Joy. So I would like to give a shout out to Jude, mart bright, and clevelandgirlie. Thanks for showing me some luv.

I made this cosmetic pouch using the Indian applique technique from Jude's "What If Blog". But you may already know that. It's What If #91: Indian Style Patchwork. There is a photo diary over at Flickr.

I really like Jude a lot. She has given me a lot of inspiration.

So tonight I spent a good amount of time uploading images. I take pictures with my camera on the largest file setting that way I can use these images in any way I like. I then save them in a folder unchanged and I save smaller photos in a different account for posting on the internet. This is very time consuming but worth it in the end. Unfortunately I have a cat who thinks that I'm petting the computer so he sits right in front of the key board. Right now Olmo(that's his name) is listening to someone clean the bathroom. So he is sitting on the floor facing the door. He doesn't like the brushing sound yet he is still curious. I don't like making the brushing sound so I hardly ever clean.

Here's a pic of my creature:
I have some more pictures to share of the farmer's market that I will write about later but you can go to flickr now if you want. I won't get mad.

21 July 2008

A New Day....

The post below reflected a low point for me. I have them from time to time. However, I do feel better now. Anywho...... here's a pretty pic for all you visual creatures.

10 July 2008

What I'm Dealing With.....

There were some dark thoughts here but I have since deleted them. No one was reading this blog and then boom 3 people are and for me that's alot.

Here are some pics of what I have been doing over the last five days.

Indian Applique

Metropolitan Museum Of Art with my niece