22 November 2009

Sham: Pillow Sham That Is

I went to Bed Bath &Beyond today to procure (lol) a set of Bodum glasses for my aunt whom I will be spending ThanksGiving with. I did not have my coupon and the glasses cost almost $40.00 so I left them.

On my way to Whole Foods after leaving BB& I stopped into West Elm and fell in love with the print in the above picture. I did not want the duvet or the coordinating pillows just the pillow sham. There are times that I know that if I do not get something I will keep thinking about it and this was one of those purchases. So, I paid the $32.00 for 1 Sham.

I could have just bought the damn glasses. I will get them before I leave Wednesday.


06 November 2009

Hair Care

Ok. I bought Kinky Curly Knot Today because I thought it was a moisturizer like the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave in Cream. Turns out it's a conditioner to be used alone or in conjunction with their other products. I have only used it a few times. The Verdict: It's lite which makes it a good leave in. It allows your oils to work better. Almost like a conduit. I would not want to use it to detangle. When I washed my hair I applied this after rinsing my deep conditioner and then added my Shea Mix. After adding the Shea Mix my hair was ready to be detangled.