04 March 2009

Totally Omarly

I've been taking pictures for a photography class I'm taking. The project is a photojournal and as part of said journal there must be at least 1 self portrait. I decided to take a picture of my feet. Good thing I was wearing my favorite socks ever. The O Marled.

2009_03_ 050

These socks are the best. I like them so much that I need to have a pair on reserve for when I need to replace the color I'm wearing. For Instance Sock Dreams(The company that produces them) no longer has Black & Charcoal listed I have only 1 pair of each of these colors so they can only be worn on occasion.

It snowed overnight on Sunday. We usually get at least 1 snow storm in March. As I did not know if this were it or not I decided to go to Bryant Park and take some photos. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

2009_03_ 036

2009_03_ 011

The above photo is where the tents go during Fashion week. The building in the background is the Library. I think it's the main branch.