27 August 2009

MOLESKINE: my first love

Are you a Moleskine fan? I am. there's something about writing in them that just makes me feel good. I never considered myself a notebook or diary person. However, I have been using them for a few years now. It takes me a long time to use one so I've changed them when I became bored or haven't used one in a while.

I bought my first moleskine in 2007. It's just now becoming used up. I use it to monitor bills and money. I've written stuff for work. There's things about how I feel about a certain boy I keep in my life for unknown reasons. I have written down the things I want for my life. Ideas for designs are in there as well as notes for school. You can basically see what I've been doing, feeling, spending money and time on, and other tidbits about me.

This first moleskine is the first notebook I have used up. I have 4 others I plan to use for creative things that I do purposefully. I will use them only because I spent good money on them.

Moleskine is my first love. I only like to use gel rollers in it. Only the best pens will do for my Moleskine.Recently I bought 2 limited edition Woodstock Moleskines. A large lined journal, and a large sketch book. I don't want to use them but, I must.

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