05 December 2009

Sittin' Up In My Room

"Sittin' Up In My Room" aside from being one of pop singer Brandy's last hits is exactly what your "home girl" did today. I am also in for the night. I am also hungry, that's beside the point though.

See this little beauty below. I made it today. I only need to stitch the edges and decide if it will be a pillow case or part of a quilt. I don't know.I like to make "cloth" to borrow from Jude but I do not feel the need to actually make something with it after I'm done.


01 December 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I visited my aunt Audrey in Missouri for thanks giving. I learned that Missouri is a big beef state. I saw many Angus cows, hay, and farmland.

"Out to Pasture"

My aunt has a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel named "Mad Dog" by me her real name starts with a D, sounds like Daisy but isn't. I call her "Mad Dog" just because I've heard about some of her exploits. She does not care to be outside, begs relentlessly, will eat anything edible, and is not the best guard dog. I say all these things with a huge amount of affection.

"Mad Dog"

I found a relic from my Childhood which just so happens to have Audrey's name in it written by my grandma. It's a Golden Book copy of Cinderella. The copyright date is 1950 so I think it was most likely my aunt Susan's or my mom's as they were both born around this time and Audrey is only around 40.


Before the bad news.

After she marries the Prince

My Aunt has some interesting opinions concerning Cinderella. I have 1 more picture to share from this book. I will share it in a post I plan to write concerning Audrey's opinion regarding Cinderella.