28 April 2008

Les Gardins Des Brandies

I have no idea what language that is but, you get the idea. I bought these really cool sketch books a few years back. Since I have been a part of the "Your Inspiration" Book pool Flickr group I have felt the need to really put some stuff in it. I have been busy this past weekend. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get the images to a good viewing size but hope to remedy that by Saturday.

Here is one of the spreads from my book. I plan to make this one Garden Inspired. I'm totally feeling flowers right now. These are hard hard pages. The next step will be to make mood boards in Photoshop.

12 April 2008

Started on Saturday the 12th Finished Today Tuesday the 15th

Well today is Saturday. What a day it's been! I just came back from the vet. Olmo is cool. Coolie has to make a number 2 but he needs some help. So The lovely Dr. Pagano gave him an enema.

Now it's Tuesday and he still has not made a big one and if he doesn't the Dr. will have to go in.

Sunday the 5th Mr. Coolie was rushed to the hospital. I can not afford a surgery. I couldn't afford the hospital or the Vet this past Saturday. The Dr. at the hospital didn't find anything but, I knew my baby was not well.

You know that bunny pattern over at the Purl Bee. Well I printed it out enlarged and plan to make a few as gifts for my nieces. I cut it out using a reproduction shirting fabric. I almost feel
like pulling out the machine. I found that the shirt pattern is not symmetrical.

Well I have made the bunny here are some pictures of Olmo attacking it. I mad clothes too but I haven't taken a picture yet.
His work done Olmo moved on!

The Dead Bunny. To be revived later.

I uploaded some more pictures. Take a look.

08 April 2008

UP Date

I'm sick these days. My cat Coolie had to be taken to the hospital on Sunday night so I've been busy. I will be sure to post up this weekend. I'm really tired these days.

01 April 2008

Cooking For My-Self

Well last night was a busy night for me. I came home and cooked for myself. So, now I have food to last through Thursday. I made curry black beans with brown rice, and broccoli in garlic oil.

The goal is to cook at home more, and eat out a lot less. I go through this every so often. Let's see how it goes.

Tonight has been busy too. I came home took some pictures of some of the handbags I've made. I formatted them then uploaded to flickr. 90 minutes later here I am writing in my blog.

I showed my blog to my boss and her boss today and they loved it. So, of course I left the office feeling really good about myself. I wanted to wait until I really had my blog set up nicely before showing it to anyone. I showed to Lisa of Cultured Expressions and she liked it too. Lisa is trying to get me to do more with my crafting.

It's really busy at work these days too. Oh, well I'll get through it.