24 June 2007

Marie Claire Idees

I visited the all sorts blog this evening when I should be in bed. But, we can not concern ourselves with the amount of sleep I need.

Jenny mentioned that she was reading her new Marie Claire Idees which I too love. she posted a link. I found the English language page to order Marie Claire Idees special publications. You can purchase a subscription through Amazon.

22 June 2007

Mens Wear Inspired Fashion

Well the new issue of Vogue arrived last night. The July issue is not a huge issue. However, it gives a small glimpse into my favorite season "Fall". The orange leaves, and crisp Manhattan air. Ahhhh! I love it!

Any who. I love love love mens wear inspired clothing and Vogue is endorsing it this month. I am going to start saving for a Barbara Feinman hat. I will go to Toho Shoji and M&J Trimming for findings, ribbons, and beads to make glorious flapper style necklaces to wear long or short.

I hope Vogue doesn't mind this picture of inspiration. On another note Vogue is one of those magazines every lady, woman, or girl should be getting delivered to her mailbox every month. You must get August, September, and March if you are not going to subscribe.