25 June 2008

I Got Loot Baby!

Behold, free fabric. This is fabric that was no longer needed. So it made it's way to me. I really like it a lot.

05 June 2008

In the Works

I thought it would be nice to post some pics of what I've been working on.

Two tote bags. The turquoise one is going to be large. Both sides will be embroidered but, I've only posted one side. The top image is a detail shot.

This black and pink one is the first one I started. It has appliqued flowers in addition to the embroidery. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial because I think this is a cool thing to do. It also adds more body to a bag made with quilt weight fabric.

I filled in one of the flowers completely with embroidery stitches. It's my favorite little detail.

Tag...MTV Cribs Style

Well I've been tagged by neo sew mama. I hope I do this right
  1. Post the rules before the pictures/descriptions.
  2. Take a few shots of what's hiding in your fridge..freezer...pantry...cupboards. The more the better.
  3. You can either simply just include the pictures or even better give some description of what's in there...your favorites...where you shop..how (or how not) it's organized...and/or whatever else you want to include. The more info the better...yes...I like details!
  4. NO tidying up! If you want to turn around things so you can see the labels thats fine...but no re-arranging or cleaning things up. The whole point is to see things the way they actually are...naturally. If there is nothing in your fridge show that... Just keep it real!
  5. Keep the tag going. Pick 7 other bloggers to join in on the fun and tag them by including their names after your post and by leaving a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged. I think it would also be great if you would let the person who tagged you know once you have posted your pictures.
Well there isn't much.

This is all I've got in the pantry.

In the fridge you will find bell peppers, cucumbers, and eggs. I had some broccoli but, I was cooking it as I took these pictures. I love food. I mostly eat out which is bad for my health, and my body. I'm really over weight right now by about 40 lbs. I eat the junk I buy right away.

This is what I have in the way of tea. Earl Grey, and Chai. Right now I have Cocoa Spice on hand. I like the Yogi brand. My other favorites are Red Bush, and Sweet Thai Delight.

I usually shop at Whole Foods. I love Pirates Booty cheese puffs. I also love I think the brand is Kettle Chips barbecue and Spicy Thai.

I'm going to tagging my home girl Lisa.