08 September 2009

Mmmn........Where do I begin?

Mmmn........Where do I begin?

So, I want to see what the hype surrounding castor oil is all about. However, As far as the best oils for your hair interms of penetrating to the cortex, I have read that coconut oil and avocado oil are the best. I combined all 3.

I do not like liquid oils so I will order some beeswax to make this a solid. I am shooting for ointment consistency.

WARNING: Do not touch your eyes after handling this. Wash hands thoroughly.

4 tbs castor oil
4 tbs avocado oil
4 tbs coconut oil
10 -20 drops essential oils per ounce of carrier oil(I forget where I read this). This recipe yields 6 ounces..

The following essential oils:

Tea Tree oil - antibacterial. I plan to keep my hair braided until my next hair cut. I will braid this weekend and hopefully leave them in for 3 weeks. Just my hair no extensions. I hope to post pictures.

Peppermint oil - I hoped it would have the same effect on my scalp as it does when I eat it and I was right. I just oiled my scalp and it's tingly.

Lemon oil and Rosemary oil - For Scent. Tea Tree oil is very strong. I looked up which essential oils blend well and these were all on the list for peppermint oil

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