15 October 2008


Last night I was on the subway platform waiting for the uptown 3 express. The train pulls in I walk towards door and see someone I know. I make sure I get in the same car as his. All the while I'm thinking to myself, "I know this guy from somewhere. Maybe he's a dancer I've seen". So, I'm on the train and it comes to me "Zoolander". He catches me looking his way. I'm sitting about 7-10 feet away. I ask if he was in the movie Derek Zoolander. He mouths back to me, "Yes I was".

My next thoughts were. Damn you are such a nerd. Who recognizes a character from a movie who appears for about 5 minutes. Instead of going out on the weekends I'm watching Zoolander. However I really liked that movie. The other thing is that I never recognize celebrities. If it were a major celebrity I would have been like eeeww. They are only out and about because they want to be sighted.

This man played Mugatu's assistant. He gives Mugatu a frothy latte. Just now I googled him, it took me 10 minutes. I found him. Nathan Lee Graham.

Nathan Lee Graham played the role of "TODD" Mugatu's assistant. Mr. Graham has a website if you are interested. He has been working since Zoolander. Just so you know. I think he's very nice looking. Check out those eyebrows.

03 October 2008

The State of Me!

I was walking to work this morning and began to think about myself in relation to myself and others. I have come to realize that I am a selfish person. Not in the sense that I have no regard for others but in the sense that I do not do what I do not want to do. No is easy for me to say in my personal life. For instance: I gave up a chance to earn extra money this weekend because I have to work on a project for school. Your "Home Girl" is hurting for some extra cash right now. However, I have committed myself to school and all my free time goes toward that. Especially since I procrastinate.

I work in the textile industry as a sort of Office Assistant, Sample Coordinator etc. We have a busy season coming upon us. I have just realized how much of my personal time I was spending at work. I'm in school 3 days per week. I have not had the time to complete projects lately. The reason? I use to leave work on average around 7pm (we close at 5pm). Now I told myself it was not a big deal because I got to check out the blogs I like to read etc. Well I now realize that I was doing some work too. It does not seem like work when you can take a break and go to que jimenez, spirit cloth, or what is now neo sew & co.

Also, I do not post here alot because I do not usually have pictures to share. I usually get the want to "blog" when I'm at work. I am better able to concentrate. At the moment it is 8 am. I came in early today because I have a lot of work to do and wanted to get my internet on before the day starts as I will not have time later.

On the picture front. I take all pictures at my camera's highest resolution. This means that all pics must be reduced before uploading. My pictures are usually over 25MB. I take my pictures at a high resolution because you never know what you will use them for in the future.