31 May 2008

Just Tired

Well I've wanted a camera for a long time and finally bought one a few months ago. However, it has not been any fun for me. Here's why. I get home from work around 8 or 9 pm and I'm tired. By the end of the week I'm burned out. Saturday I sleep in, and on Sunday I do chores. Man that's no life. Notice there is no mention of sewing, exercise, or romance. I'm totally tired. TOTALLY.

14 May 2008

Last 'til After Market

Well, I'm off to Quilt Market on Friday. I hope to see, photograph, and report some new cool things.

Meanwhile back at Brandy quarters your home girl is not feeling so happy. It's hard to make yourself feel/appear upbeat when you're not. Your girl is feeling really depressed. I hope to feel better soon.

Also, I'm getting bored with the whole blogging thing. I feel as though I'm talking to no one. I'm an interesting person. I promise you.

Well I won't be back until the 24th or so anyway. I will miss visiting the blogs I love though.

I have 8gb of storage space so the rebel xti will get a thorough work out.

12 May 2008


Well I made the following roses and have decided to offer them to you as a desk top image. The image is in repeat. If it is too small for your screen tile it and you will not see any seams. Just right click and save to your pictures.

09 May 2008

A Long Time In Blogging

It has been a long time. I always ask myself why more people aren't stopping by. The answer is two fold: I don't make my presence known enough and I don't post enough. I posted 4 time in April. Well this month will be different. I promise! Even though I am going to be working a lot.

This past week has been totally crazy. Wednesday night I was too through. So after work I went to get some Indian food alone. My usual co-conspirator had a class at FIT. So I ate all the food alone. I eat at a little place called Curry in a Hurry. About 2 doors down is an Indian grocery store called Kalustyan's. This place has every spice under the sun.

Curry In A Hurry: Chicken Tikka Massala, mixed vegetable, and nan.

There is also a little Indian Fashion shop that I love to look in but have never bought anything from.

I have resolved to do more sewing. Last month was the first time I made anything in a little over a year. Last weekend I got halfway through two handbags. I hope to work on those more this weekend. Next week Friday I travel to Portland for Quilt Market. I want to make myself a bag to carry my clothes in and a bag to carry my PURCHASES in. I have this tote bag I made at least 2 years ago. Well the poor baby is falling about and my friend Lisa is talking mad smack about it so I must do something about it.

I recently took some fabric home. Every now and then I see something that I must have. I hope to post some pics tomorrow.