01 April 2008

Cooking For My-Self

Well last night was a busy night for me. I came home and cooked for myself. So, now I have food to last through Thursday. I made curry black beans with brown rice, and broccoli in garlic oil.

The goal is to cook at home more, and eat out a lot less. I go through this every so often. Let's see how it goes.

Tonight has been busy too. I came home took some pictures of some of the handbags I've made. I formatted them then uploaded to flickr. 90 minutes later here I am writing in my blog.

I showed my blog to my boss and her boss today and they loved it. So, of course I left the office feeling really good about myself. I wanted to wait until I really had my blog set up nicely before showing it to anyone. I showed to Lisa of Cultured Expressions and she liked it too. Lisa is trying to get me to do more with my crafting.

It's really busy at work these days too. Oh, well I'll get through it.


lisalisa said...

So Brandy, what time is dinner!!?? Looks delicious. I'll bring wine & dessert.


Kiandra said...

okay...i just ate and now after seeing this i'm hungry all over again. this looks soooooo good! i love me some broccoli but it sure doesn't love me back :( i think i'm going to make black eyed peas this weekend totally comfort food.

thank you for all your support with everything that is going on in my life...i hope your rough patch ends soon...baking and sewing always does it for me.