12 April 2008

Started on Saturday the 12th Finished Today Tuesday the 15th

Well today is Saturday. What a day it's been! I just came back from the vet. Olmo is cool. Coolie has to make a number 2 but he needs some help. So The lovely Dr. Pagano gave him an enema.

Now it's Tuesday and he still has not made a big one and if he doesn't the Dr. will have to go in.

Sunday the 5th Mr. Coolie was rushed to the hospital. I can not afford a surgery. I couldn't afford the hospital or the Vet this past Saturday. The Dr. at the hospital didn't find anything but, I knew my baby was not well.

You know that bunny pattern over at the Purl Bee. Well I printed it out enlarged and plan to make a few as gifts for my nieces. I cut it out using a reproduction shirting fabric. I almost feel
like pulling out the machine. I found that the shirt pattern is not symmetrical.

Well I have made the bunny here are some pictures of Olmo attacking it. I mad clothes too but I haven't taken a picture yet.
His work done Olmo moved on!

The Dead Bunny. To be revived later.

I uploaded some more pictures. Take a look.

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