17 November 2012

Presents I Want To Present To Myself

I have been wanting a new dresser for the longest time in which to store my enormous collection of socks. I like the one pictured above the best but I have seen others that are larger. While the larger ones are more money they are cheaper in terms of storage but this West Elm baby is a beauty. This one is a contender but it doesn't match my aesthetic. I may try Ikea. If I can get a ride.

I want to add more nutritious foods to my diet for health and to reach and maintain a healthy weight. To that end I am contemplating adding some raw foods to my diet. Not the traditional raw way. I want to use regular old pasta sauce with zucchini "pasta". Make a raw side with cooked fish or even steak. To that end I think I should read a book on raw recipes. I may get the one above but who's to say. For raw cooking I will need some tools. I will not be buying a dehydrator (I'm not that deep into it). I have a mandoline slicer already (never used it). However the spiral slicer is $35 so if it falls by the way side it won't be a big deal.

I also want to start juicing. I have a standard grocery store juicer. However if the juicing ever catches on and I'm jucing for 4 months straight I will save for the Omega 8006 masticating juicer. It's expensive though. The white costs a little less. I am not so sure about juicing because I have not liked the few vegetable juices I have tasted. Plus this thing is EXPENSIVE.

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