01 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy

So I came out of this hurricane unscathed. No loss of electricity and no flooding in my apt building. I went out Tuesday and Target was open so I was happy.

I have not worked all week. Which has taught me a few things about myself. Number 1 being that I do not like to be home with nowhere to go or do. Yes, I could have done stuff in my apartment, but I had no interest in that. I want/wanted to go to work. Today I happily checked my work e-mail. I normaly hate checking e-mail. I also miss my co-workers. Not them as individual people so much as like an entirely different entity all unto themselves.

I was bored out of my mind. Today the subway is running so I came to Harlem to visit a friend. Which brings me to another lesson: Internet is a necessity not a want. Cable is a much needed luxury. There are just so many things you can find out during a storm that pertain to your situation rather than watching the news for 20 minutes. I could have been on twitter getting the info I wanted and the correct info regarding the subway. To hear about the subway on the news you have to wait for them to mention other transit methods first. Then they tell you to go on line for further details.  Which brings me back to Cable and why it's a much needed luxury. On broadcast TV there was non-stop news. This is bad because you can get depressed watching no-stop news all day. I started to panic Tuesday morning. I called my aunt at work because I was about to run out of cat food and my guys are on a prescription diet and the subway is down. As I was leaving the message I was like that was crazy. After I finished I wanted to erase it. So, if I had even basic cable I could have been watching Big Rich Texas or Mob Wives or something On Demand rather than flipping through channel after channel of broadcast. I was so desperate I watched PBS.

I am just using Babacar's internet and ignoring him so I better wrap this up. I am still a little panicky but it's better to be out of the house.

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