14 July 2009

Hair After The Gym..........weight loss

Let me preface this by saying that my hair is less than 6" long.

After the gym: At home I co-wash, add my shea butter mix, and do 2-strand twists going all the way back. I get 7 twists in. Tie up in a scarf and go to bed. My hair is usually dry the next morning. I then pick the twists out.

I usually sleep without a scarf and co-wash in the morning, add shea butter mix, pick out and go. I do not do anything special to my hair. I co-wash daily. I shampoo and deep condition 1x per week.

On another note I must say that your "home girl" is in the gym. I went 3x last week. I weighed myself Monday morning and saw a number I had not seen in a while. I am proud of myself and feel like keeping it up. The down side is that I spend a lot of my free time cooking or grocery shopping.

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