16 July 2009

Brand Image Part II

I work 9-5 doing the thing I do to make a living. However, I am more than my 9-5 and would like to have a personal card that illustrates this.

Does the above sentiment apply to you? If it does then I have advice for you. Let's start with how you view yourself. Spend 20 minutes alone and think about you and the image that you believe you project.

In Graphic Design you use images and words to project an idea. Words take on a new meaning with the font chosen.
See how my name takes on different connotations based on font chose.

Another component is color. We see colors everyday that communicate what to do. The topic is too broad to go into here. I would give you the task of deciding which colors you like, why, and how you would like to use them. I I do not have any books on the subject because I have been reading about and using color in a very specific way for over 15 years. I recently came across a book while reading this post on Crafty Hues. The book is called Color Mixing Bible by Ian Sidaway. This book is aimed at artists, which I am not, but also has basic information for beginners.

This information is not just for a business card. It is also for your website, blog, gift wrap, stationary, or anything else that you will give or show that is a representation of you. A good blog to read about graphic design is Design Observer. Here is a link to archived branding articles on the Design Observer website.

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