14 May 2008

Last 'til After Market

Well, I'm off to Quilt Market on Friday. I hope to see, photograph, and report some new cool things.

Meanwhile back at Brandy quarters your home girl is not feeling so happy. It's hard to make yourself feel/appear upbeat when you're not. Your girl is feeling really depressed. I hope to feel better soon.

Also, I'm getting bored with the whole blogging thing. I feel as though I'm talking to no one. I'm an interesting person. I promise you.

Well I won't be back until the 24th or so anyway. I will miss visiting the blogs I love though.

I have 8gb of storage space so the rebel xti will get a thorough work out.

1 comment:

jude said...

hi! found you! blogging can be indeed frustration. i actually had a blog for the treehouse quilt and i deleted it because i had no comments. in the end, i wished i had just left it because it is just nice to have the journal. networking is difficult and you need to find like minded people and get a theme that you focus on. you should tag your photos in flicker so people find them by category when they search and link your blog to them in the description. it may help.