09 May 2008

A Long Time In Blogging

It has been a long time. I always ask myself why more people aren't stopping by. The answer is two fold: I don't make my presence known enough and I don't post enough. I posted 4 time in April. Well this month will be different. I promise! Even though I am going to be working a lot.

This past week has been totally crazy. Wednesday night I was too through. So after work I went to get some Indian food alone. My usual co-conspirator had a class at FIT. So I ate all the food alone. I eat at a little place called Curry in a Hurry. About 2 doors down is an Indian grocery store called Kalustyan's. This place has every spice under the sun.

Curry In A Hurry: Chicken Tikka Massala, mixed vegetable, and nan.

There is also a little Indian Fashion shop that I love to look in but have never bought anything from.

I have resolved to do more sewing. Last month was the first time I made anything in a little over a year. Last weekend I got halfway through two handbags. I hope to work on those more this weekend. Next week Friday I travel to Portland for Quilt Market. I want to make myself a bag to carry my clothes in and a bag to carry my PURCHASES in. I have this tote bag I made at least 2 years ago. Well the poor baby is falling about and my friend Lisa is talking mad smack about it so I must do something about it.

I recently took some fabric home. Every now and then I see something that I must have. I hope to post some pics tomorrow.

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