26 March 2008

Test Shots

I went out with the new camera today. I wanted to get the last remaining light. I just went to the corner of my block. Harlem is just full of beautiful architecture.

This one is just some bare branches. I love bare branches. Whenever I see them in at the florists I want to bring some home.

The ones below are of the church across the street from my building. There are more but when you take digital images you have to manipulate them in order to upload them.

Oh! One more. There are 2 special men in my life: Olmo & Coolie. Olmo is hard to photograph so here is coolie. Coolie weighs about 15-18 lbs. So, he's a big boy.

1 comment:

Nina said...

Thanks for the tip Brandy!
Im so envious of the new camera. I've about had it with mine. Next big purchase on my list.
LOVE the pictures of the church. I love architecture as well.
Ooooh, almost forgot...I like your new banner as well.