27 April 2009


So, I fell off the wagon but I am going to get back on. The said wagon is losing weight. I'm going to keep trying and when I fall off, instead of stopping, I'll just keep going. Weight is an everyday struggle. I made it a proper noun because in my world it's a real thing.

Also, I made some headbands at M&J Trimming a few weeks ago with a friend from work(Mechelle). They are cool I guess. I will take and post pictures at a later date. For now you just have to take my word for it.

I just had an idea for my giveaway. It will entail some creative mojo on the part of those who are going to want to be included. I am still going to have it. Some things will come from my stash and some I will acquire specifically for the give away.

It was really warm in the city this past weekend. I was walking around in a t-shirt and pants which alludes to my first paragraph. I want to dress in cute (smaller) clothes this Spring/Summer. I also have a case of athletes foot that I need to get in order. I ran out of cream and it came back a little. It your feet are really dry and cracked it may be athletes foot. I know it's a little yucky but it's real.

Mmmmm. What else!. I have a little afro now. This is going to be the first summer in years that I have had hair. Positive: head is protected from the sun because of my hair. Negative: I sweat in my hair(it's one of my extreme sweat areas).

Peace Out!!!

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