05 February 2009

A Change Gone Come

Do you know this song. Seal remade it and while it's good it lacks the weight of the original version.

I have 2 friends. One of which has wanted to be a teacher since we met back in the 5th Grade. Well she is a teacher and texted me last week that she was bored and if the economy were better she would quit and do something else. Friend #2 will be out of work in May. She will be forced to do something different as textile design is drying up.

As for me well I need a change in my life and do not know what that change will be at this point. I need to lose weight, stop sleeping my life away, further my education, and get some direction. I have been floating through life with no direction, purpose, or meaning.

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We Counted All The Tiles said...

We all feel as if we're floating in life, don't worry a spark will come and you'll wake up. Already you know life is too precious to waste!
I believe in you girl!
p.s. thanks for the heartwarming comment on our blog.