22 September 2008


I'm back in school at The Fashion Institute of technology. I'm shooting for a Graphic Design degree. It looks as though it will take 3.5 years just for the Associates even though I will not need to take any liberal arts classes. I'm not doing a lot of crafting these days and may not for some time. I am going to make this blog more of a general Brandy blog. So, I will be talking about all of my shenanigans. I'm going to change the banner too. look out yall.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brandy B

I found your blog via Jude and on first sight 'favourited' you. I like your style and colour and use of lovely words like 'gorgeousity! ' .Thank you for mentioning Domino mag, I dont know it but will look it up as now I am interested.
Good wishes to you

Linda , BC

Nina said...

How dope!!!
Good luck pursuing your degree.
Attending F.I.T was always a dream of mine...
Lucky girl :)